Live for the Present, Prepare For The Future
  • It the 13th today and I only have 9 days left in China (中国)! Why are you going so fast? I still need to buy three gifts then go shopping for myself!
  • I just had the most incredible sleep I have ever had this year, I woke up stretching like a cat and I felt so refreshed!! I even had a dream!! I haven’t remember any of my dreams lately and I did this time and guess who was in it? Chelsea!
  • My workouts have been getting harder and much more challenging and I like it a lot because I’m still progressing and pushing myself forward instead of falling back.
  • Once I’m done with this post, I’ll be doing my workout, getting a quick breakfast and having a nice, hot shower, then getting ready for the picnic.
  • We have a free day today and tomorrow. Today, we are having a picnic at the Sun Island (太阳岛) and then at night, we are going to a nightclub~ can’t wait to go dancing!
  • I had the best shower ever last night! After being deprived of a hot shower for two days, I enjoyed every bit of water that came into contact with my skin.
  • I have taken a ton of pictures here, over 400!!! Facebook is going to be spammed when I’m back with lots of parts.
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  1. chelseaalysse said: AHH =D what was I doing in your dream loll?!
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